Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   November 11-13, 2011, Weekend

General Instructions for Live H2O Participants:

1) Stay tuned for updates on this website, including new pages, links, schedules, and announcements.

2) Mark your calendars for 11-11-11, and tell your family and friends to do the same. Invite everyone to celebrate this "Water-full" weekend with you. We are recreating ourselves and civilization in LOVE together.

3) Begin to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually, for the "LOVE Water Weekend." Here are some key suggestions for your preparation:

4) Improve your general fitness level. Get physical exercise with lots of deep breathing. (See also General Fitness Instructions by Clicking Here, and "BIOELECTRIC INSTRUCTIONS" below.)

5) Observe more frequently your mind quieting. Tune into the "sound of silence," and consciously elect to let go of stress. Lighten up!

6) Go with the flow. Realize that fear is "false evidence appearing real" that your left brain conjures up because your not quite "enlightened," yet. Give yourself a break. Don"t condemn a budding flower. Stop beating yourself up for having emotional challenges.

7) Realizing that Wall Street is no longer "Easy Street," that money and power are not the most important treasures in life; that doctors are impotent as natural healers, that drugs are addicting and far too often deadly; that peace is more economically and societally enriching than war; and that we would all be driving like the Jetson"s (i.e., using hydro-fuel and anti-gravity generators) if it wasn"t for a petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel that has suppressed these "green" technologies ever since Tesla"s free energy machines were stolen and secreted by Edison"s ilk.

8) Speak to people more openly than ever. People everywhere know about needed change now. And they "all want to see a plan," as John Lennon sang. We have The Plan. It is called LIVE H2O, and people want to get what we"ve got and share it.

9) Meditate, pray, and chant with LOVE, that is, 528Hz when to get centered in LOVE. The "Online Temple" is great for doing this, especially using the "AH" chant with others online right now. Everyone here is naturally chanting 528Hz accappella! Join them. Come together as a spiritual community, that is, an extended family of humanity.

10) Contact your favorite bands, newspapers, radio stations, local vendors, and "green" products companies to make them aware of this great event and to get them involved.

11) While participating at a live venue, put a smile on your face, walk and talk with your heart open, and see if you can be helpful to the volunteer staff making the event happen.

It is empirically obvious the Spiritual Renaissance is upon us, and it is easier that we come together now that we are judging each other less and trusting God more. Spiritual evolution and consciousness expansion is exponentially accelerating within us. All of this is demonstrated by increasing spiritual sensitivities (for example, increased intuition), more prompt personal prayer power, and more people talking about "something wonderful happening," and it"s about time, you probably agree.

Viewing Instructions for Live H2O Broadcasts:

The main website hosting the broadcast is currently advancing at Check it out!

All viewers will need to download the latest version of Flash Player (available for free below). In addition, we suggest you use Firefox browser to play and load all content correctly.

Anyone who wants to view 9 stations simultaneously will have to have a newer (more powerful) computer. Probably at least a 1.5 GHz processor and at least 1 - 2 gigs of ram, and maybe a good video card with on board processing.

You must also have a high speed (DSL speed) connection of around 256 kbps, or more, for steady down-linking speed. (Even then, 9 simultaneous feeds may present buffering issues. For this reason we will also be making individual broadcasts from each venue available on seperate webpages accessible from one main location. (Watch for this inclusion near concert time.)

The good news is that if you have a slower system, you can at least view 1 station at a time with a stable signal (and if you don't open anything else in your browser at the same time.) And if its just 1 station, Windows Explorer does work. Windows Explorer just doesn't read the video wall layout and it struggles.

Adobe Flash Windows Media Player 11 Windows Media Player 11

Bioelectric Instructions:

These are the recommendations advanced by LIVE H2O"s technical advisor, Alex Putney, for those engaging at home in order to achieve optimal results in the "LOVE Water Experiment" on June 21, 2009. Participants taking part in LIVE H2O worldwide will significantly contribute to its success, and do best by following these guidelines for enhancing the crystalline quality of Water in their own bodies:

1. Drinking only purified water with nanoGold and nanoSilver to optimize the conductivity of the human body, enabling the soles of the feet to accept Earth's loving electrical current.

2. WALK BAREFOOT in direct electrical contact with the living Earth during the event.

3. DRINK ONLY PURIFIED WATER (preferably with OxySilver for its silver content) during and prior to the event*

4. EAT ONLY LIVING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES during and prior to the event;

5. ABSTAIN FROM RISKY LIFESTYLES such as the intake of chemical substances (no herbal or vitamin supplements, pills or prescription drugs) or spicy foods, garlic, onions, etc. Some of these recommendations may seem odd. Guaranteed there is a bioelectric reason awaiting your discovery.

6. For more in depth study in this regard, you are encouraged to read The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

WARNING: Bioelectrification can be dangerous for individuals using prescription medications, pacemakers, hearing aids and other necessary artificial devices that may not function properly under bioelectrification conditions. Event participants are, hereby, properly advised to prevent such hazards.


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