Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   November 11-13, 2011 Weekend<

Musicians' Instructions

Artists who feel in their hearts the benefit of contributing a service/performance during LIVE H2O, here are important instructions:

1. E-mail your local event coordinator. Veteran recording artists and celebrities should cc the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and MUSIC TALENT COORDINATOR who are booking featured artists for the international broadcast.

2. Study 528Hz tuning (which is in the "C5" in A=444Hz tuning). Read the website. This resource, and the online forum for musicians, provides information important for your head and heart. You will learn about revelations accelerating your intuition and creative inspiration. Most importantly, begin "playing with the numbers" (3s, 6s, 8s, and 9s) in everything you do, especially retuning and playing your instruments.

3. There are two easy ways to tune stringed instruments to 528Hz (C5): 1) Use a Korg chromatic (adjustable) guitar tuner set to 444Hz instead of standard 440Hz; then tune as usual, or 2) Use the 528Hz tone generator freely available online. (NOTE: It may take several minutes to download this data dense file). You can also purchase a 528Hz tuning fork or whole Solfeggio tuning fork set through LIVE H2O patron, Healthy World Distributing, LLC. Then tune your "A" string, third fret, to this tone; then the remaining strings from this C6. Check it by playing a "C" chord to see that your tuning matches the fork or tone generator pitch.

4. KEYBOARD PLAYERS can easily retune their instruments to the equivalent of a 528Hz. The Korg Oasys keyboard calibrates to 444.09Hz in the global preferences; virtually all other synthesizers and software based synthesizers can be set to precisely 444Hz. When the 528Hz tuning fork was used with the Korg Chromatic tuner, C5 registered at 443Hz/444Hz. Additionally when 528Hz is played through a tone generator into the Korg Chromatic Tuner, 444Hz registered as C5. These settings will immediately give you the ability to play in harmony with retuned stringed instruments.

5. WIND INSTRUMENT PLAYERS can often adjust their 440Hz "standard tuned" instrument slightly to play in the 528Hz key (nearing C# in standard tuning).

6. Transpose old music or compose new music and lyrics for your LIVE H2O performance(s). Please feature Water in your music and lyrics to go along with the theme of this event to honor and praise "The Living Water." (A limited number of recording contracts, awards, and grants for music played in the original Solfeggio musical scale, are available from allied event co-sponsors as advanced by Tetrahedron Records.

7. Read the Technicians Instructions provided by advisors Alex Putney and Adam Klaasmeyer linked above. These include Bioelectric Recommendations, and Psycho-Acoustic Recommendations that all performers should review and adhere to for optimal benefits.

8. Stay tuned to this website for periodic updates, including new pages and links.

9. Mark your schedules for June 19-21, 2009, and tell your family, friends, and publicity agents to do the same, especially if you are scheduled to perform.

10. Begin to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually, for the "LOVE Water Experiment" as detailed above under GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS and TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS.

More instructions are provided in the Musicians' Forum linked below; and more are forthcoming as research and revelations continue.

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