Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   June 19th - 21st, 2009 Summer Solstice

Speaker's Instructions

1) Stay tuned for updates on this website, including new pages, links, schedules, and announcements.

2) Mark your calendars for June 19-21, 2009, and tell your family, friends and colleagues to do the same. Invite everyone to celebrate this "Water-full" weekend with you. We are recreating ourselves, and civilization, in LOVE together.

3) Begin to prepare your presentation by preparing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually, for the "LOVE Water Experiment" on Sunday, June 21st. Key suggestions for your preparation in this regard are provided under GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS. Read them.

4) You may submit a pre-recorded presentation for broadcasting at this time. All such submissions must be no longer than 45 minutes (preferably 30 minutes); and be received by no later than May 15 to allow enough time for technical operations and final scheduling. LIVE H2O organizers cannot guarantee your submission(s) will be aired, but will try to accommodate every contributor on a first come basis. Presentations will also be judged for quality of production and relevance to the theme, and broadcasting preference will be provided based on these parameters.

5) Pre-recorded and live presentations should be science-based, artistic, in keeping with the LOVE Water theme. Use of Water graphics and 528Hz musical compositions is highly encouraged.

6) Information regarding helpful consumer products and new "green" technologies to benefit ecology is welcome provided you make them more informative than sales hype.

7) You are encouraged to provide contact information at the end or your presentation(s) for people wishing to contact you or the company(ies) you represent. It is best to do this graphically as well as audibly for viewers.

8) If you know of others in the arts and sciences who are articulate spokespersons regarding Water, and its many provisions, please feel free to refer them to the Executive Producer and Speakers" Coordinator.

9) Make your presentation as entertaining and inspiring as possible. Beyond "education," we wish you to provide "edutainment."


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