Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   June 19th - 21st, 2009 Summer Solstice


Drummers' Instructions

TEAMS OF DRUMMERS will be participating during LIVE H2O as a most important part of the "LOVE Water Experiment." The global drumming ceremony will be led by White Eagle Medicine Woman playing GrandMother Drum as close as she can get to the Wailing Wall in old Jerusalem. Additional drummers are currently sought in Egypt for the Giza Pyramid area.

The prayer, accompanied by drumming, applies sound science, physics, and mathematics advanced by numerous authorities, some cited here. Local drumming teams, lead by team leaders, will begin drumming (ideally using drums tuned to 528Hz) synchronized to 1.45Hz (87 beats per minute, within the human heartbeat range) four hours PRIOR to the "LOVE Water Experiment" on Sunday, June 21. The start time is precisely 11PM Cairo, Egypt time, that is, Sunday night in the Middle East and 11AM in Hawaii. The precise locations on energy vortices worldwide will be published here prior to the event. Big drums played at the right places on the planet IN SYNCHRONY will set up the standing wave of heart-felt loving intention transmitted terrestrially AND hydro-sonically. Lead drummers will be provided microphones with low-frequency sensitivity below 4Hz to broadcast and record the results that will be audible as a low rumble not just at the drumming sites of the LIVEH2O event, but at ALL sacred sites around the world, and in ALL water on Earth! Here is a page our technical advisors recommend with a relevant sound recording article:

This is the sound that we will be transmitting from the Hawaiian Holyland and Egypt's great pyramids, opposite positions on the global grid at 19.5; synchronizing all sacred locations. The key resonance sites are provided with GPS coordinates and distance from Giza, Egypt calculations at:;

Drummers, especially in urban areas of Egypt and Hawaii will need to gain permission to be very loud at these sacred sites for at least 4 hours prior to the main prayer session, or "LOVE Water Experiment," beginning 3PM Hawaii Daylight Time (HDT) precisely on Sunday, June 21, 2009. Consent must come from police officials and/or local governors.

Again, drumming will commence at precisely 11PM Egypt time (Greenwich Time +2 hours) on Sunday night, June 21st (this is 11AM Hawaii Standard Time [HDT]) and go for precisely 5 hours and 21 minutes. Thus, the World Synchronized Prayer ("LOVE Water Experiment";) will begin at 3PM HST (5PM PDT; 8PM EDT).

Use this WORLD CLOCK to help set your schedule.

All bodies of water will resonate the LOVE signals we generate, but the maximum sound with positive loving intent will source from the pyramid drummers. These and other drummers worldwide will already be engaged in sacred solstice ceremonies. For example, sacred sites and ceremonies are proposed for Newgrange in Ireland, Stonehenge in England. Waitapu Stone circle in New Zealand, etc.

Listen to the recordings made by TJ. Moir in Auckland, NZ free online. The frequency within the heartbeat range of 1.45Hz will act as a 'carrier frequency' for the 528Hz toning that will also be going on during the event. A more complete explanation for this choice of pace is available in the Drummers" Forum.

Crystal bowls that resonate at exactly 528 Hz may be available at sites as well.

Read and apply the information provided in BIOELECTRIC INSTRUCTIONS also.





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