Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   June 19th - 21st, 2009 Summer Solstice

Venue Coordinator's Instructions

For organizers planning and administering small and large venues internationally:

1) Thoroughly read ALL of the information contained in this website and, once you become sufficiently familiar with this project, PRAY for direction (or a sign) that this project is worthy of your volunteerism. You need to be fully inspired and committed to hosting a successful event.

2) Volunteer to develop a concrete local plan by contacting the Executive Producer for proposed venues, OR if a venue has already been proposed in your area, contact existing organizers listed in the CONTACTS section of this website.

3) Identify your resources, human, financial and otherwise. Develop a supportive team and delegate tasks.

4) Assess your financial needs and consider all fund-raising options including: gaining local donors, sponsors, co-sponsors, event exhibitors, advertisers, and benefiting organizations that will ask members for donations. See DONATIONS for ideas and suggested donations; hold fund-raisers, such as "Yellow Submarine Meetings" as has been suggested; sell concert tee shirts. (Buy them wholesale and sell them retail by calling 1-888-508-4787.) You may need to establish a bank account to administer your program finances. Some coordinators are electing to collaborate with 501Cs to allow for "tax deductible contributions" for large donors (e.g., corporations).

5) Secure your venue with the help of others. Determine the size of your proposed gathering and likely venues available for the size of your planned event. Large event organizers should gain local political support for this project. Ideally, venues should be donated for the common good.

6) Develop a proposed budget for misc. expenses if needed (e.g., permits, insurance, police/security, etc.)

7) Secure the sponsorship of staging company to stage the concert.

8) Secure the sponsorship of video projection company to receive and broadcast live feeds if needed and desired for your venue.

9) Secure the sponsorship of sound equipment providers for local host(s), speaker(s), and performing talent.

10) Secure the sponsorship/contributions from local vendors (food and misc. refreshments, artisans, massage, local health and other professionals.) Fees and suggested donations for booths and tents help pay for miscellaneous expenses.

11) Secure commitments from performing artists and refer them to their instructions on this site as well as on More information, including frequently asked questions and answers are posted in LIVE H2O Forums.12) Secure sponsorship of local artists, print media (newspapers and magazines), and broadcasting companies (radio and television). (Use the PRESS ROOM to obtain (or develop customized) press releases and cover letters.

13) Advance ideas of how we may best continue the LOVE H2O momentum AFTER the concert. Use the Fresh Ideas section of LIVE H2O Forums to do this.

14) ALWAYS REMEMBER: You can only do your best, and your best will suffice. Your event will be successful if you simply implement the aforementioned activities with continued prayer for Divine direction and resource attraction in the process of providing and actualizing this wonderful service.

15) ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE. . . . This event is bigger than anyone"s ego. So instruct your team to "leave egos at the door."

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