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The flexible overcoming the forceful is the mission of LIVE H2O. Here you will learn how Water works to evolve humanity to emulate Divinity. Here you will realize the power of the “Creative Juice” to transform, restore, and sustain health, peace, and prosperity in all ways.

Bringing together the brightest minds, warmest hearts, most advanced science, and uplifting spirituality, the “LOVE Water Experiment,” is a musical prayer celebrated by millions of people worldwide on Sunday, June 21, 2009. The event will marry the “Universal Solvent”--Water, with the “Universal Language”--music, to baptize humanity bioenergeticaly with the “Universal Healer”--LOVE.

Two days of education and musical celebration are scheduled to precede the interactive
“LOVE Water Experiment.” With your support, the world will change by just learning about the “Experiment,” and be better off for the knowledge. Plus, the experiment might just work!

Join millions celebrating and integrating this powerful/prayerful information leading up to this historic “cleansing.”

Without your support, wonderful people may miss a lot of life-saving, spiritually uplifing, and ecology sustaining information, and will miss-out on making history.

Become involved and, by your engagement, gain the “power of 528 to set everything straight.”

Earth Heart donated by William E. Marks